Ceci Jenkinson – Our Reading Champion


Collaborative work with pupils at St. Mary’s School

This year we have been working with Ceci and pupils from St. Mary’s School to enhance our understanding and knowledge of Ceci’s books and her characters:

Ceci Working with our Year 6 Pupils – 2016-17

Ceci has been working with the ‘BookBusters’ this year developing higher order reading skills which the pupils can then demonstrate in class. The children have been reading Ceci’s ‘The Mum shop’ and are now reading through Neil Gainman’s ‘The Graveyard Book’.

However, the most exciting activity the children have been involved in is reading the draft opening chapters of Ceci’s new books! Ceci has promised the children that she will listen to the children’s suggestions!


Ceci Working with Our Year 6 Pupils – 2015-16

Our Year 6 pupils have been shadowing and voting for the Kate Greenaway Children’s Book Awards.


World Book Day with Ceci Jenkinson

A huge thank you to Ceci who made our World Book Day extra special this year.

Half Term Homework

Ceci is waiting for your emails about your favourite books – email her at www.cecijenkinson.net


Find out more about Ceci Jenkinson here

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