Estyn Inspection Report April 2019

Victoria Primary School

We are delighted with such a positive report, which reflects our ambitious and capable learners – who behave well, who are resilient, and who have extremely positive attitudes towards their learning. Nearly all pupils feel safe and secure at Victoria CP School and most know who to talk to if they are worried or upset- the children are confident that their opinions are listened to. The report continues to highlight that nearly all pupils are polite and courteous, and their positive behaviour is a notable feature in lessons and around the school.

We were pleased that our innovative and forward thinking practices were highlighted as impacting favourably on the well-being and standards of our pupils. The inspectors saw many examples of imaginative and interesting activities across all year groups and commented frequently on the positive learning climate at Victoria CP. Our staff expertise and willingness to share good practice across the region and country was also mentioned in the report, which reflects the staff’s passion towards teaching and learning and their commitment to educational reforms happening in Wales at the moment.

The report identifies that the headteacher has established a clear vision for the school, which is based on developing pupils to the best of their ability in a happy, supportive and exciting environment. School leaders, including governors, have worked successfully with the whole school community to establish an effective learning environment for staff and pupils.

We were particularly pleased that the team recognised the value of our close working relationships with parents/carers and the clear systems of communication within our school community. We are very proud of the excellent relationship we have with our parents – they are important partners in their child’s education and support the school brilliantly.

We will now be working on our recommendations to improve our school even further.

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2 Responses to Estyn Inspection Report April 2019

  1. john marshall says:

    I am John Marshall who lived at 39 Trafalgar Rd WREXHAM
    I attended VICTORIA SCHOOL from 1935 to 1939. Miss Webster was my teacher The Most Wonderful teacher any child could have, Not too happy about Mr Mann the Headmaster. His cane really hurt the ONE day I was late.
    Am in touch with Debbie Eccles the current headmistress. Mr Gauge Mental Arithmetic was also a teacher there. A scary one very handy with a Ruler on your hands for wrong answers. I do remember he once asked me to deliver some books to his home on my way home from school and for this he gave a HUGE SIXPENCE A Fortune back in those days

    Ah HAPPY MEMORIES. Now living in California at age 91

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